Helping Cuvée's vacation portfolio fly high over dominating competitors.






Revenue Lift

The vacation rental market is saturated. Powerhouses like Airbnb and HomeAway were rapidly eating away at Cuvée's marketshare of ultra-luxury vacation rentals. They needed to stop the bleeding and reach five-percenters across the globe to increase revenue – fast.


So, how do you reach consumers who are ready to spend up to $30,000 a night on a vacation? (That’s not a typo.) You use third-party data signals to build high-converting prospecting segments. These signals enable a focus of quality leads over quantity. From there, we leveraged conversion based optimization (CBO) tactics across search and social, allowing machine learning to play in our favor. We audited Cuvée’s data of past clients to build similar audiences across the globe, while layering income and psychographic data segments to make sure we were reaching prospects most likely to convert. The data was also used to target those clients again and again, so Cuvée was top-of-mind year-round.


Read this. Swipe up. Tap now. Consumers are flooded with demands from brands unlike any other time in history. That means even if you have strong brand equity, a newcomer is peeping around the corner ready to take a chunk of your marketshare. The lesson? Don't turn a blind eye to your digital strategy just because things are smooth sailing.